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My husband and I received treatment and I can say this “Saved our Marriage.” Just imagine what life would be with our friends, family and spouses if we all had balanced hormones .it would be like heaven and we would have a blast. I also enjoy seeing my friends at Midwest Hormone Centers Group they do everything they can to improve our overall quality of life and health…everyone should go see them.


Thyroid Assessment

Thyroid Assessment

Please take a moment to identify the common symptoms of hormone imbalance that you are currently living with. Check all that apply or have progressively gotten worse over the years. Once you submit the request form a member from our staff will be back with you generally in 1-2 business days.

(Hypothyroid Symptoms)
 Dry or thinning hair Weight gain or difficulty losing weight Loss or thinning eyebrows Abdominal bloating Low sex drive Dry or thickening skin. Especially on the heels Puffy face Cold hands or feet General cold intolerance Depression Joint or muscle pain Thin or brittle fingernails Chronic fatigue Fluid retention Constipation Brain fog Excessive sleepiness Menstrual irregularities Sluggishness Hoarse voice Decreased body temperature